NCCALJ Holds Final Full Commission Meeting at NCJC

The North Carolina Commission on the Administration of Law and Justice (NCCALJ) and Chief Justice Mark Martin hosted the commission’s final meeting on Friday, December 2, at the N.C. Judicial Center (NCJC) in Raleigh.

Chief Justice Martin thanked commissioners for their hard work over the past 15 months, and the NCCALJ’s five co-chairs summarized their respective committees’ recommendations. The Chief Justice is reviewing the commission’s work and awaiting the NCCALJ’s final written report, which is expected to be released publicly in early 2017.

NCCALJ was convened in September 2015 and tasked with examining five areas of broad inquiry within our state’s Judicial Branch: civil justice, criminal investigation and adjudication, legal professionalism, public trust and confidence, and technology. The NCCALJ’s five committees have conducted research, consulted with numerous experts and court officials, and engaged in collaborative discussions to identify areas for improvement in North Carolina’s court system. This past summer, the commission produced interim reports and gathered public input through online comments and public meetings held across the state. The final written report will be available at where the public can access materials from the entire commission process.