Chief Justice Mark Martin Announces New Commission on the Administration of Law and Justice

Chief Justice Mark Martin has announced the creation of a new North Carolina Commission on the Administration of Law and Justice and appointed the committee co-chairs.

As mentioned in his State of the Judiciary address in March, Chief Justice Martin will charge the multi-disciplinary commission to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of our judicial system, and to make recommendations for how we can strengthen our courts within the existing administrative framework.

“The Commission will consider how our courts can best meet institutional needs and twenty-first century public expectations, ensuring that we can continue to provide justice for all,” Chief Justice Martin said.

Chief Justice Martin has appointed the commission’s co-chairs, who will focus on five areas of inquiry: criminal investigation and adjudication, civil justice, technology and its application to our courts, the future of legal services, and public trust and confidence. Committee chairs are

  • Catharine Arrowood (President, N.C. Bar Association)
  • Justice Barbara Jackson (Associate Justice, Supreme Court of North Carolina)
  • David Levi (Dean, Duke Law School)
  • William Webb (Retired Magistrate Judge, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina)
  • Brad Wilson (President and CEO, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina)

Chief Justice Martin has invited participation from the General Assembly and will also include key leaders from the private sector and stakeholders from within the justice system.

The work of the commission is planned to be available for the start of the 2017 legislative long session to provide a road map for the General Assembly to ensure that the Judicial Branch is adequately funded to meet citizens’ needs and expectations of a modern court system, thus ensuring the integrity of our justice system and justice for all.

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