The commission will focus on five areas of inquiry: civil justice, criminal investigation and adjudication, legal professionalism, public trust and confidence, and technology. Commissioners are listed by committee.

Note: The Commission completed its work on July 31, 2017. See the Final Report for more information.

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Chief Justice Mark Martin, Convenor

Civil Justice

Dean David F. Levi, Co-Chair
Janet Ward Black
Alfred P. Carlton Jr.
Sheila V. Eley
E.D. Gaskins Jr.
Robert E. Harrington
George R. Hausen Jr.
Judge J. Calvin Hill
Robert A. Ingram
Anne H. Lloyd
Judge Julian Mann III
Michael W. Mitchell
Judge W. Osmond Smith III

Criminal Investigation and Adjudication

Judge William A. Webb (ret.), Co-Chair
Augustus A. Adams
Sheriff Asa Buck III
Randy Byrd
James E. Coleman Jr.
Kearns Davis
Judge Paul A. Holcombe III
Darrin D. Jordan
Robert C. Kemp III
Magistrate Sharon S. McLaurin
District Attorney R. Andrew Murray Jr.
Diann Seigle
Judge Anna Mills Wagoner

Legal Professionalism

Catharine Biggs Arrowood, Co-Chair
Dean Luke Bierman
Richard T. Boyette
Dean Jay Conison
Dean Phyliss Craig-Taylor
Representative N. Leo Daughtry
Andrew H. Erteschik
Judge A. Robinson Hassell
Mark W. Merritt
Richard G. Minor
Justice Robert F. Orr (ret.)
Raymond C. Pierce
Lisa M. Sheppard

Public Trust and Confidence

J. Bradley Wilson, Co-Chair
Dean Martin H. Brinkley
Judge Wanda G. Bryant
Sheriff Earl R. Butler
Douglas Clark
Frank E. Emory Jr.
Juan A. Flores Jr.
Frank B. Holding Jr.
John Hood
A. Dale Jenkins
Senator Floyd B. McKissick Jr.
Dean Suzanne Reynolds
Robert C. Stephens


Justice Barbara A. Jackson, Co-Chair
Carl S. Armato
Senator Harry Brown
Judge Susan R. Burch
Jason M. Hensley
Dean J. Rich Leonard
The Honorable James J. MacCallum
Chief Judge Linda M. McGee
Iristine McNair
Brooks Raiford
Carolyn V. Timmons
Rajesh Tripathi


Jon Williams, Chief Reporter
Andrew P. Atkins, Public Trust and Confidence
Paul Embley, Technology 
Darrell A.H. Miller, Civil Justice
Matthew W. Sawchak, Legal Professionalism
Jessica Smith, Criminal Investigation and Adjudication
Mildred R. Spearman, Public Trust and Confidence
Kurt D. Stephenson, Technology

Ex Officio

Mary C. McQueen, President, National Center for State Courts
Jonathan D. Mattiello, Executive Director, State Justice Institute
Maurice Green, Executive Director, Z. Smith Reynolds
L. David Huffman, Executive Director, Governor’s Crime Commission
Dean Michael R. Smith, Dean, School of Government
Thomas H. Thornburg, Senior Associate Dean, School of Government
Dr. Peter M. Koelling, Director and Chief Counsel, Judicial Division, American Bar Association
Judge William M. Cameron, Judicial Council
The Honorable Susan S. Frye, Chair, Conference of Clerks of Superior Court Technology Committee
Representative Sarah Stevens, Chair, North Carolina Courts Commission
Chief Justice William Boyum, Cherokee Supreme Court
Jennifer Harjo, Chief Public Defender, New Hanover County
Seth Edwards, District Attorney, Judicial District 2